How Convert to PSD to HTML:

Back in the day, websites were designed with PSD, which was tougher to handle. So, the developers look forward to ways to make things easier. Once HTML is developed, it brings a bigger scope for the PSD-based site developers to simplify the system. That’s why old sites need to convert PSD to HTML5 very often.

Generally, there are lots of benefits of PSD to responsive HTML. But the process has a few pre-handled etiquettes and is a comparatively complicated process. Still, we find out the easiest way to do that and try our best to expose the easy steps with almost all essential details. Hopefully, it will come as an alternative to PSD to HTML conversion service.

Photoshop Document

A .psd extension file is an image file created with the help of Adobe Photoshop. PSD is the default extension used for saving a Photoshop Image which can have either a single or multiple layers which can be worked individually even after having saved the file. The file can also be saved in other formats like .jpg, .tiff, .gif or other imaging formats but if a user wants to edit the individual layers later, it is necessary to save the .psd file without overwriting it while converting it to another format. Converting a .psd extension file into an image file in another format flattens the image so that it can be viewed as a regular image. The images created using this extension are of a very high resolution and the quality in terms of clarity is extremely good as compared to other commonly used image formats like .jpg, .png or .bmp.

Hypertext Markup Language File

The hypertext markup language, commonly referred to as HTML is at the backbone of the internet and World Wide Web. It is the standard markup language used in the creation of webpages and was released in 1993 at the advent of the internet. The format defines the structure and layout of a webpage through markup tags such as header tags and image tags from which a browser can interpret multimedia information for on screen presentation. To view files and webpages saved with the .html filename extension, one needs a compatible web browser that implements the HTML specification. Because the format is open source, several browsers which are mostly free to use can open such files. The World Wide Web consortium actively maintains and updates the html specification.


Q: Can I convert Bootstrap PSD to HTML?

A: Yes, you can easily convert Bootstrap to HTML easily. For that, you need to analyze the PSD file and then create the directories. After that, you have to convert PSD to CSS code and HTML to add Bootstrap components. That’s how it is easy to convert Bootstrap to HTML. It is eventually very necessary to make the HTML responsive.

Q: When I shouldn’t convert PSD to HTML?

A: You shouldn’t make the conversion always. It has some drawbacks, and there are particular situations when you should avoid it. Firstly, you shouldn’t try this when you are using a mockup service or a plugin. It’s because you may have to fic the code that’s not efficient and clean. Eventually, the code often comes out to be so horrible when you will use a PSD to HTML generator. And for that, your site can ve fired as well. So, think twice if you actually need the conversation and try to hire a professional for the code generator task.

Q: Why PSD to HTML conversion is harder recently?

A: PSD to HTML conversion is indeed relatively harder nowadays than a few years ago. It’s because all the PSD files are now quite responsive while being compatible with cross-device and cross-browser. And slicing them and handling other tasks becomes tough than that of a few years back.