Advanced Web Applications

What is a Advance Web Application?

The Advance Web Application (AWA) is the data entry system that supports implementation of the Advance teacher development and evaluation system. This tool allows evaluators to record and track observation data at both the teacher- and school-level, populate and print Evaluator Forms after observations, and automatically calculate both MOTP and MOSL scores and ratings.

Types of web applications

Let’s classify web applications based on their types and their functionalities.

1. Static web application

The very first type of web application available on the Internet is the static web application, which is built using HTML and CSS to facilitate exhibiting significant content and information. This is usually the simplest web application as it exhibits only limited content and is not flexible.

2. Dynamic web application

Dynamic web application delivers live data based on the requests of the users and is therefore considered one of the best web application types. They have improved technical sophistication when compared to static web applications.

3. E-Commerce web application

When your web application promotes products or services directly to your potential customers, you can call it an e-commerce web application which is no different from an online shopping store.

4. Single-page web application

Single-Page Applications, otherwise known as SPA, are a type of dynamic web application that does not require browser reloads and functions as a single unit of a website application.

5. Portal web application

A portal web application offers a single access point to important data to a particular type of user. It is a web application that is capable of accessing different sections on the home page.

6. Content management system web application

A content Management System (CMS) is a type of website application in which the owner can modify the content without any help from the technical team.

7. Animated web applications

These apps allow you to display your content along with animation effects. These application types offer creativity and design which cannot be found in any other web application types.

8. Rich Internet web applications

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are primarily applications that have the functionality of many desktop applications. They are designed to fix browser restrictions and rely on plugins on the customer side.

How does a Web Application Work?

A web application is built around three components- a Web Server, an Application Server, and a Database. The web server manages requests from the client, the application server processes requests, and the database stores the information.