Figma to WordPress

Figma to WordPress Converting Designs to Sites Efficiently

With the introduction of Figma, designing websites grew into a much more effective process. This tool is especially loved by those who design in teams. Their editor allows the collaboration of multiple people at the same time: a huge pro when it comes to teamwork.

Even single players of the web design market switch to Figma due to its popularity and full-blast functionality of the editor. You can create prototypes, comment on specific elements or areas of the project and do many exciting things. However, figuring out how to make a fully functioning website out of it is a whole other story.

WordPress is a trouble-free start in development if you’re a beginner. At the same time, it has so much to offer above this level: there are new things you can learn every day. As far as our team’s experience stretch, the feeling of first-time-user confusion to it will always be fresh in our memories.

We know converting Figma to WordPress may be too complicated if you are not a developer. Mastering both could become a task of a lifetime. And, to add to it all, manual recreation would mean redoing work that’s already done.

If you ever faced the necessity of transferring your designs from Figma to the website, you definitely wished that this process caused less stress and trouble.

Figma to WordPress – to digital awesomeness

Custom to the last bit

Figma2WP is not just about making a pixel-perfect interface. Everything, from the backend to fancy interaction animations, will be optimized to ensure the best capacity and frictionless performance.

Quick transfer

We know our ways with both Figma and WordPress: years of working with the two helped us design efficient design-to-site conversion algorithms. Your website will be ready much faster than it would be with conventional web development.

Meticulous quality control

With Figma2WP, speed doesn’t come at the cost of quality. It’s no one-click automated transfer where you end up left to your own devices and deal with the outcome yourself. Our experts provide professional services, including thorough testing of your site, in and out.

No Headache

Choose a Figma design and have a live website in 1 minute

No Hosting worries

We do all the work. Your website is live and maintained by us

Superb support

You can rely on our team for support on any issue. Pure piece of mind.

Fignel - Simplifying Web Development with AI

Fignel introduces a revolutionary approach to web development. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technology and offering unparalleled support, Fignel empowers users to launch a fully functional website within minutes. Whether you’re providing a personal Figma design or selecting from our expansive library, Fignel seamlessly crafts your vision into reality.

Leverage our in-house dev and marketing teams

You can alway rely on our in-house development team to make custom tweaks, build advanced features, provide support and guidance. We can also help you with content creation, strategic marketing and more.